Why Am I So Gassy After Sex?

There are several reasons your tummy might bloat after sex: from what you eat to the position or penetration, and if your hormones or menstrual cycle are involved. It could also be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection or a retroverted uterus.

Farting during sex is normal, but it can become problematic if it happens frequently. Penetrative anal sex can also push air into your vagina and anus, leading to pain and bloating when it gets trapped.

Vaginal gas

During sexual activity, the movement and positioning of the penis, sex toy or finger can push air into the vagina. When the object is removed, this air escapes. This can cause a squeak or sound that’s similar to common flatulence – This fragment is pieced together by the keen eyes of the service’s specialists sexetchat.com. It’s called queefing, and it usually doesn’t have an odor and doesn’t hurt. However, if you have a history of digestive issues, such as IBS or heartburn, you might be more prone to queefing after sex.

Sexual activity is one of the most common causes of vaginal gas, but it can also happen after using a tampon or menstrual cup. The force of pushing the tampon or cup into the vagina can push air into the cavity and create a squeak. It’s important to choose a tampon or cup that’s comfortable, and to change positions frequently during intercourse.

Other causes of vaginal gas include tense muscles, hygiene products and bowel movements. Some women are also more prone to this condition because of pregnancy or other pelvic conditions, such as a fistula, which is an abnormal connection between two organs. These conditions weaken the pelvic floor muscles and can cause them to expand during sexual activities. This may lead to the formation of small pockets or bubbles of trapped air that squeak when they are released. The squeak can be embarrassing for the woman, but it’s usually not a sign of a serious medical problem.

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During a full-on romp, you and your partner can lose track of time and even forget that the outside world exists. But after you come down from your orgasmic high, your stomach might not be feeling so hot. That’s because trapped gas is a pretty normal (although not very sexy) postcoital side effect.

According to gynaecologists, it’s possible that your bloating is caused by an imbalance or overgrowth of the natural bacteria in your vagina. In addition, your menstrual cycle and hormones could be contributing to the problem. And if you’re using certain types of personal lubricants or condoms, they can also contribute to the problem by trapping gas that’s produced during sex.

You can try to ease the discomfort by drinking a lot of water and eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins. Additionally, you can use a heating pad or try breathing techniques like guided meditation and diaphragmatic exercise to help reduce abdominal pain.

You may also want to stop chewing gum and avoiding carbonated drinks, as these can cause you to swallow a lot of air and increase your flatulence. Other lifestyle changes you can make include choosing low-lactose dairy products, limiting beans and other legumes and consuming ginger to help with bloating and digestive issues.

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Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause abdominal pain, bloating and changes in your bowel movements, may be the culprit behind your post-sex bloat. It’s possible that a combination of hormones and stress, along with food intolerances or other gut-related issues, are the cause of your stomach pain and gas after sex.

It’s also possible that you are farting during sex, a condition known as queefing. This is a very common side effect of having sex and can be caused by things like sex positions that require lots of bending (like missionary) or eating foods that trigger gas (like beans and legumes). If this happens to you often, we recommend talking to your gynecologist as this could be a sign of a more serious medical issue, including ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis.

Trapped wind caused by sex is another potential reason for gas after sex, although it’s less likely than the other reasons we’ve mentioned. This can be caused by the bouncing and moving during sex or by orgasming, which can put pressure on your abdomen and anus. It can also be the result of a condition called retroverted uterus, which is when your uterus tilts backward instead of forward. This can also cause bloating, but will need to be diagnosed by a medical professional and treated.


Fistulas are abnormal passageways that connect organs or vessels that don’t usually touch. They can develop anywhere in your body, but are most common around the anus. An anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from an infected gland inside your anus to an opening on the skin around it. It may drain pus or poop and often has a bad smell. It can also cause throbbing pain and itchy, sore or red skin in the area.

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Some types of fistula can be caused by an infection, surgery or cancer treatments. Other causes include inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; pregnancy; childbirth; pelvic injuries; traumatic injury or surgery; radiation therapy to treat cancer in the pelvis; or sexually transmitted infections.

Your healthcare provider will ask about your symptoms and give you a physical exam. They may use a dye to locate any areas where leakage happens. They might also take a sample of your blood to see if you have an infection. If you have a rectovaginal or colonovaginal fistula, they might use a tampon with blue dye to check the back passage for a connection. They can do this at a clinic or in your home. Some dressings help control any unpleasant odors. You can get free toilet cards from Macmillan, the Bladder and Bowel Community or from the NHS, which you can show to staff at restaurants and pubs when you need to go.

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