How Can I Make My Wife More Sexually Active?

A low libido can be a sign of a deeper problem in your relationship, so it’s important to address this issue head on. Consider speaking with a sex therapist or marriage counselor to help improve communication and bring passion back into the bedroom.

Sexual interest usually emerges in a healthy emotional connection. Try making sex more spontaneous to spark that spark.

1. Give her some space

Intimacy takes time to develop, especially for women. She likely has a busy life that includes work, kids, and household chores. This can take up a lot of her energy, which can leave her feeling exhausted and depressed. This, in turn, can affect her sexual desires.

Unresolved relationship issues and incompatibility can also cause her libido to drop. Often, these issues stem from insecurity and power imbalances. If you suspect these are the case, talk to her about them and see if you can resolve the problem.

Some women feel they are not attractive, especially after childbirth or when their body changes due to weight loss or pregnancy. It is important to reassure her that she is beautiful inside and out, no matter what her figure looks like. You can show her your affection in other ways, such as complimenting her more frequently or during foreplay.

You can also help her manage stress and give her space to relax and recharge. For example, you can take over some of the housework or cooking to free up her time. Interestingly, many women become aroused by having their partners help with chores. This is often referred to as “chore play.” Moreover, you can buy her sexy lingerie or a vibrator to stimulate her in the bedroom. Foreplay is key for increasing sexual desire.

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2. Make her feel special

If you want your wife to become more sexually active, you need to make her feel special. This is something that you can do in a variety of ways, including by showing her affection and sending her sexy texts. These little gestures will help to rekindle her interest in you.

Another way to make her feel special is by talking about your sex fantasies together. This will get her excited about sex and will also help you figure out what kinds of things turn her on. You can even try using sex toys to turn her on, such as a vibrator or a sex doll.

In addition to this, you can also make her feel special by giving her surprises and complimenting her on a regular basis. This will show her that you still have a romantic side and that you care about her. You can also give her little things like a massage or a pedicure.

In the end, it’s important to remember that your wife’s low libido isn’t necessarily her fault. There could be many reasons why she isn’t feeling sexually motivated, including physical causes (such as pain), or mental health problems (like depression or stress). In these cases, it’s best to discuss these issues with her and try to find a solution that will work for both of you.

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3. Make her feel loved

When a wife feels loved, she’s more likely to want to please her husband and become sexually active. For this, try to show her affection on a regular basis. This can include hugs, kisses, and even intimate massages. This will make her feel secure and reassured of your love for her.

Another way to make her feel loved is to give her a surprise every once in a while. You could do something like sending the kids to a swimming pool or a friend’s house so that you can focus exclusively on her. This will give her the feeling of being special and loved, which is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Also, try giving her a scented massage, which can help stimulate her senses and make her more sexually desirable. You can use a body oil that she enjoys or a natural aphrodisiac, such as black ginger. If you don’t know her preferences, try taking a quiz online to determine her love language.

Finally, you can try to spice up your intimate moments by using sex toys. These can be purchased online at many e-commerce websites and are a great way to get her blood pumping. You can also try to have sex at random times, which will keep her on her toes and increase the excitement. If all else fails, you can always seek professional help to find out what may be the cause of her decrease in sex drive.

4. Make her feel special

When a woman feels special, she’s much more likely to get turned on. Do simple things like surprise her with flowers or chocolates or make her a nice dinner. Flirting with her can also help, but you have to be a little more creative than just making eye contact.

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If you want to take it up a notch, try some foreplay before your next sex session. You can make it easy by playing some sexy music and lighting some candles, or you can be more daring and role-play with her. Play around with different scenarios, such as being a rock star or police officer.

Another way to make her feel special is to support her dreams and goals. This will show that you care about her and that you believe in her. If she’s feeling stressed or tired, this can also lead to low sex drive, so try to help her relax and take some pressure off of her.

Finally, just treat her with the respect she deserves. This means complimenting her often, not just during foreplay but throughout the day. It’s easy to forget how important it is to treat her right and to let her know that she’s not just your wife, but that she’s your everything. Taking her out on dates and letting her know that she’s your priority will help to keep the spark alive.

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