How to Know If You’re Sexually Attracted to Someone

There are many non-verbal cues that can indicate sexual attraction. One of the most telling is prolonged eye contact and dilated pupils.

However, it’s important to remember that just because you feel sexually attracted to someone doesn’t mean they feel the same way. It’s also important to communicate clearly and respectfully, especially when it comes to boundaries and consent.

1. They’re Physically Attractive

The first thing to look for is whether or not you find them physically attractive. This can be obvious or subtle, such as their body language or the way they smell.

Another clue is if they keep making excuses to touch you, such as patting your arm or brushing against you in conversation. This is a physical sign that they find you appealing and are subconsciously wanting to be closer to you.

It’s also worth paying attention to their eye contact. When someone is attracted to you, their pupils will dilate when they look at you. This is because the “love hormones” oxytocin and dopamine are released when people experience sexual or romantic attraction.

Her laugh is another sign that she’s into you. If she’s nervous laughing or is teasing you in a playful way, this can be a strong indicator that she has feelings for you. Her voice may change pitch when talking to you as well. This is called mirroring and it’s a common sign of attraction. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to kiss you or be intimate, but it’s a good indication that she is interested in you beyond just physical intimacy.

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2. They’re Emotionally Attractive

While body language can be a reliable indicator of sexual attraction, verbal cues can also offer clues. Compliments about your appearance, suggestive humor, and playful teasing may be signs of sexual interest. However, it’s important to consider the context of these interactions and your own cultural norms before making any assumptions.

Another sign they’re emotionally attracted to you is that they want to hear your thoughts and opinions. This is an indication that they value your input, and it can be a precursor to emotional intimacy.

They’re able to make you feel understood, and this isn’t something you can experience with everyone. This is especially true if you have similar values and experiences. They also provide you with a sense of safety and comfort.

3. They’re Physically Attractive to You

A person who is sexually attracted to you will often want to be around you and will make it a point to try to spend time with you, even if it’s just for conversation. They may also flirt with you to see if they can get your attention. This could include making flirty jokes about your looks or touching you in a non-threatening way.

Another sign that someone is sexually attracted to you is when they maintain prolonged eye contact. Research from Frontiers in Psychology shows that eye contact can lead to feelings of attraction, especially when it’s accompanied by other signs of sexual interest, like blushing and leaning forward.

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Another physical sign of a sexually attracted person is when they touch you in a playful way, like putting their hand on your arm or shoulder. They may also tease you by changing the pitch of their voice or messing with your hair. Both men and women favor people who make them laugh, which is a good indication that this person finds you attractive.

4. They’re Emotionally Attractive to Others

If you are emotionally attracted to someone, it’s because of their personality and the way they make you feel. They are a good listener and care deeply about other people, as well as themselves. Their interests are similar to yours and they are a great fit for your friendship group. Their values align with yours, and they respect you and your needs.

You find yourself thinking about them and talking about them frequently. In fact, this is scientifically referred to as “mention-itis.” In addition, your voice changes when you talk to them. This is because your body is releasing chemicals that signal attraction.

Another sign they’re emotionally attracted to you is that they are empathetic and share your interests. They also have a strong emotional presence, so you know they’re there for you emotionally when times are tough. They may even encourage you to be vulnerable with them, which is a great sign of intimacy. They may also be supportive of your goals and dreams, which is a great way to show your love.

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5. They’re Physically Attractive to You

A classic sign of sexual attraction is when someone finds you physically attractive. This can be obvious, like when they keep bringing you up in conversation or their eyes seem to roam over your body. It can also be more subtle, like when they smile at you a lot or make eye contact for extended periods of time.

Another physical sign that someone is attracted to you is when their pupils dilate when they see you. This is because of the “love hormones” oxytocin and dopamine that impact pupil size.

They may also playfully touch you when they talk to you, such as touching your arm or shoulder. They might even find excuses to touch you, such as putting their hand on your arm when they laugh or gently brushing against you in passing.

However, it’s important to note that body language can be misinterpreted and that a person’s behavior could have many different reasons other than sexual attraction. If you’re unsure about your feelings, consider speaking with an online therapist for guidance. They can help you interpret nonverbal cues and understand how to best communicate with potential romantic partners.

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