Where to Have Car Sex

Car sex isn’t for everyone, but it’s still an exciting option for couples. It’s also a great way to spice up your relationship.

Just be sure to choose a place that’s safe, especially if you’re going all out. Ideally, the location should be isolated and not easily accessible. SUVs or cars with tinted windows are best because they offer more privacy.

1. Public Park

Car sex is one of the wildest things you can do and it’s on almost every girl’s naughty list. But let’s be honest, it’s not very comfortable and it’s definitely not as romantic as you see in the movies. You can’t really stretch out and it’s hard to keep clean which means bodily fluids are probably going to end up on the seats and on you if you go down. But it’s still a great way to capture your horny teen spirit as an adult.

A public park is a great place to have car sex because there are usually lots of people and it’s easy to hide. Just make sure to have a plan in case someone passes by and starts to watch. You don’t want to get caught because it’s illegal and embarrassing! Also, if you’re leaving your car parked and running for too long, it could drain the battery and leave you with an expensive bill. So be careful! That’s why it’s best to only have car sex in public parks during the day.

2. High School

There’s something about high school car sex that just screams “naughty.” This is one of the more daring locations, but it can be really thrilling. It’s the type of place that is a no-brainer if you and your man are horny.

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It’s also the kind of location that can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t do it right. You’ll want to make sure you aren’t too isolated and that you scan the area well to be sure no one is coming up behind you.

This is the kind of thing that can be especially hot if you’re using kinks in your relationship that involve role-playing and mapping out scenarios. It’s also a great way to relive some of your teen horniness, even as an adult with responsibilities and sh*t to lose. That’s why it’s a top pick for most people who love car sex. Be careful though, if you aren’t doing it properly you could be arrested for public sex in a car (or other similar charges). That’s why it’s important to always talk about what you’re doing with your partner and to plan accordingly.

3. Abandoned Lots

For teenagers or adults who want to add a bit of excitement to their sexual adventures, the car is an ideal place to have some kinky fun. It’s private enough to be exciting, but also accessible and convenient for those who don’t have a lot of free time or can’t make it out of their house at night. Public parks are popular and usually safe places to have sex in the car, but you can also try an abandoned lot or a parking garage. Just be sure to lock the doors and keep an eye out for anyone walking by.

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Be aware that even though the parking lot is privately owned, it may still be considered a public place and you could be charged with lewd and dissolute conduct (Penal Code 647(a) PC). You’re more likely to be charged if you moon or flash people, but having sex in a parked car where others can see it can also land you in trouble. You can avoid these charges by trying to keep it quiet and using position like side spoon, rear entry, or the missionary position.

4. Offices

Car sex is a sexual fantasy that can heighten feelings of foreplay and adventure. It’s a great choice for couples who want to get intimate but can’t leave their house or don’t have a private place to go. It also adds a thrill to the act because there’s an element of risk involved.

It’s important to note that you could face public lewdness charges if you get caught engaging in this sexual activity in an area that people can see from the road or that isn’t completely private. You’d likely be charged with disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor offense.

The best location for car sex is probably a parking lot because it’s usually pretty empty and it gives you plenty of privacy. It can be a little bit hard to find sex positions that work well, though. It’s also a good idea to crack a window open or air out the car before driving to avoid smelling like sex (unless you want that). Then there’s no shame in it. Enjoy your sexy time!

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5. Home

If you’re a little too far out of town and have to resort to sex in the car, try a public park. They’re usually empty and quiet at night, making them perfect for your sex trip. Or, you could head over to a local drive-in cinema and have some oral sex while watching a movie. Just be careful not to make too much noise, because it will alert the people around you and get you caught.

Car sex is fun and exciting, but it can also be pretty uncomfortable. Plus, if you’re in the front seat and your partner is in the back, it can be difficult to reach each other’s most sensitive areas. For this reason, it’s best to only do car sex in places where you can spread out and relax in different positions. Also, be sure to wear clothes that are easy to get on and off. Garter belts, extra strappy thongs, and mesh bodysuits can mess with your momentum and make things too hard to access. Instead, opt for a more comfy and accessible dress or skirt with an elastic band.

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