How Long After An Abortion Can You Have Sex?

Surgical and medical abortions are both safe options to terminate a pregnancy. Many women wonder when it’s OK to have sex after an abortion.

Doctors recommend waiting at least two weeks after an abortion before having sex. This time period gives your body a chance to heal from the cramping and bleeding that comes after an abortion.

Wait at Least Two Weeks

Each woman’s recovery from abortion is different, but it’s important to take care of yourself and follow all post-procedure instructions. This includes resting as much as possible and not putting anything in your vagina unless it’s absolutely necessary. There is no medical consensus on how soon it’s safe to have sex after an abortion, but many doctors recommend waiting two weeks until you’re ready to resume sexual activity.

If you’re planning on having sex after your abortion, remember that it’s always best to use contraception. You may not ovulate until several weeks after your abortion, so you could get pregnant if you don’t use birth control. It’s also worth noting that you might experience light bleeding for several weeks after your abortion. If this bothers you, consider using a menstrual cup or tampon to help you gauge how heavy your bleeding is.

It’s also important to be emotionally ready to have sex after your abortion. Many women who have abortions feel a sense of relief, but others might feel anxiety or depression. Emotions like these can impact a woman’s libido and her relationship with her partner. If you’re having trouble coping with your feelings, talking to a trusted friend or seeking support from organizations like Exhale and All-Options can be helpful.

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It’s OK to Have Sex After Your Abortion

A woman may not feel emotionally ready for sex immediately after her abortion. She may also have concerns about getting pregnant again, or her sex drive might take a while to return. It’s important for women to make decisions about sex that are right for them.

During a medical abortion, you are given two drugs called mifepristone and misoprostol, which block the body’s progesterone and cause the embryo to detach from the uterine wall. This procedure is considered safe for women who are at least 24 weeks gestation or less. If you experience constant heavy bleeding, bright red blood that doesn’t stop after 12 hours, a painful or difficult vaginal discharge, stabbing pains, or an unstoppable uterine cramping, call your doctor or The Boston Abortion Clinic immediately for advice.

You will start your menstrual cycle again a week or two after you have a surgical abortion. Your doctor may insert an intrauterine device (IUD) during the procedure to help prevent pregnancy. IUDs can be used up to 12 years, and they’re effective for both first-trimester and second-trimester abortions.

It’s generally advised that women wait until the vaginal bleeding has stopped before having sex. This can reduce the risk of infection and increase your comfort level. It’s also important to use contraception while having sex after your abortion to protect against sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

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It’s Not Safe to Have Sex Right After Your Abortion

Ultimately, the decision to have penetrative sex after abortion should be one made by each individual person, and the timeline for when it is safe will vary. For instance, a woman might feel ready to have sex as soon as she’s physically ready—which could be as early as a week after an abortion. But others may need more time to get emotionally ready, and that’s okay too.

In addition to feeling emotionally ready, the timing of when it’s safe to have sex after an abortion will also depend on how much bleeding you experience. For example, if you have a medication abortion, which involves taking medical pills that induce a miscarriage, you will probably want to wait until your bleeding has stopped before having sex. This typically takes 4-7 days, but it can vary.

For women who had a surgical abortion, the procedure itself can cause bleeding and cramping, but you’ll likely have less bleeding than with a medication abortion. That said, you should use a condom to protect yourself from infection during sex, regardless of the type of abortion you had. In addition, you’ll still need to use contraception because your fertility will return to normal right after an abortion. For these reasons, we recommend avoiding sexual activity until you’re physically and emotionally ready to have sex.

It’s Safe to Have Sex After a Surgical Abortion

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every person heals and recovers differently. However, there are some important considerations that should be made. These include: the risk of infection, whether you’ve ovulated, and your emotional and physical health.

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It’s generally safe to have oral sex as soon as you’re comfortable, but there is a risk of pregnancy with penetrative sex. If you’re considering having penetrative sex after an abortion, we recommend waiting until any bleeding stops and using a barrier method of protection such as tampons.

Most people who have had a surgical abortion are ready to start sexual activities about a week after their procedure. However, they should wait until the bleeding stops before engaging in sex, as this can increase the chance of infection.

If you’ve had a medication abortion, it’s best to wait two weeks before having sex to reduce the risk of infection. But this is a conservative recommendation, as the cervix doesn’t need to open very far for an abortion pill to work, Dr. Conti tells Cosmopolitan.

Women should also consider their libido and emotional state before having sex after an abortion. Most women report that their sex drive returns to normal after an abortion, but each person is different. Listen to your body and listen to your heart and you’ll know when it’s time to have sex again.

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