How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage

Refraining from sexual intimacy is a difficult journey. However, it is possible to improve sex for long-term relationships by prioritising intimacy in other ways.

Choose to scroll past sexy Instagram pictures, avoid pornography and steer clear of books that portray sexual intimacy before marriage. The most important thing is that you associate with people who support your journey and understand it.

1. Set clear boundaries

Boundaries are the foundation of a healthy relationship – These words are the product of the website’s experts Enchanting Euphoria. Yet, they’re often misunderstood. Some people think that boundaries are selfish and rigid, while others feel they restrict their partners.

In fact, boundaries are necessary in all relationships—especially those that lead to marriage. They provide space for individual needs and values while also promoting closeness and respect.

For example, sexual boundaries include how long you want to be intimate and types of intimacy you’re comfortable with. Time boundaries are about respecting each other’s time and limits on how much you spend together.

To set clear boundaries, first practice self-awareness by taking some time to understand what you need and value in your relationship. Then, communicate those to your partner clearly. Finally, be willing to compromise and adjust your boundaries as needed. If your spouse crosses a boundary, find a calm moment to talk about it. Don’t react in anger and don’t invalidate their feelings. Instead, listen and work together to come up with a solution that works for both of you. The more honest and open you are with your spouse, the closer you will be.

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2. Communicate your values

Many people choose to abstain from sex before marriage for personal, moral, or religious reasons. And that’s totally fine! Whatever you decide, you need to communicate your values and boundaries clearly with your partner. It’s essential to avoid sexual temptation and find other ways to express your love.

For example, you can show your partner how much you care by cooking them a meal or running an errand. It’s also important to avoid pornography and other sexually explicit media. What you program your mind with will eventually become what you do, so it’s vital to avoid anything that will trigger lust and temptation.

Finding support and community is another great way to stay strong and resist temptation. Some people may even consider a therapist or counselor who specializes in addiction and recovery. They can provide you with personalized guidance and help you stay focused on your goals. They can also teach you the tools you need to stay committed and successful on your journey to sexual abstinence before marriage. You can also find support and community by joining a support group for abstinence and addiction recovery.

3. Find support and community

It is very important to find a community that supports your decision to abstain from sex before marriage. This can include friends, family members, and even online communities. This will help you feel less alone on your journey and keep you motivated to stay committed to your values.

It’s also essential to find a community that teaches you how to think biblically about sex and sexual temptation. This includes reading books, listening to podcasts, and avoiding pornography. You can also avoid any sexual triggers that are in your environment such as scrolling through Instagram pictures, watching movies, or reading novels.

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Having sex before marriage is not only damaging to you, but it’s also damaging to the person that you’re dating. It creates bonds that God does not intend to be there and it makes it difficult to breakup if God is calling you to. This is why it’s vital to honor God with your body and to wait until marriage to have sex.

4. Educate yourself on sexual health and wellbeing

The decision to abstain from sexual activity until marriage is a personal choice that comes with many benefits. For example, it can protect against the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

A key part of staying committed to this path is educating yourself on sexual health and wellbeing. This may include talking to a healthcare provider who can teach you about safe sex practices and birth control options. It’s also important to have a support system that can help you stay accountable. This could be family members or friends who share your values or a community that supports abstinence before marriage.

Another key is to be clear and direct when you communicate your boundaries to others. Oftentimes people who choose to be celibate until marriage find that they don’t owe their partners an explanation and just need to tell them plainly, “No.” It can be helpful to practice this conversation ahead of time so you feel prepared to respond in the moment when you are faced with pressure to have sex.

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5. Stay committed

Oftentimes, individuals who struggle with sexual temptation find that journaling can help them identify the temptations they face and then make choices that can assist with overcoming them. It can also be helpful to associate with individuals who are abstinent and to seek out accountability.

If you have decided that you are not going to have sex until marriage, it is important to stay committed to this decision. If you do not, there is a good chance that you will cave in and have sexual sin before marriage. This can lead to many problems, including the possibility of pregnancy, acquiring or spreading a sexually transmitted disease, and emotional scars that may carry into your marriage.

Many couples who have chosen to remain celibate until marriage report that it has improved their relationship in many ways. However, it is not easy to be faithful to God’s plan when others try to tempt you or pressure you to violate your commitment to sexual abstinence. The key is to be clear about your decision and to communicate this with your significant other early in the relationship. This will help avoid conflict in the future and allow you to continue to focus on agape.

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