How Do Fat People Have Sex?

Fat people have sex just like anyone else. Sex is about what feels right for you and your partner, and that’s no different for plus-size folks.

Rolls of fat may inhibit flexibility and pose physical barriers in some positions, but this isn’t universal. Making assumptions about what a person can or cannot do will just lead to frustration.

Fifth Position

As with any sexual experience, it’s important to discuss consent, protection, and birth control with a partner before getting naked in bed. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from having sex that feels good, and that goes for people of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to having sex, there are many positions that may feel more comfortable for overweight people than others. That doesn’t mean that other positions are off-limits, but rather that some may require a bit more assistance to get into.

One of the best sex positions for plus-size people is fifth position. This position involves the receiver laying on their back and the giver kneeling behind them to enter. Adding a few pillows under the receiver’s hips can help to elevate the tummy flesh, making it easier for the giver to get into the anal area.

Another great sex position for overweight people is the traditional missionary. This is achieved with the receiver laying on their back and the giving partner laying on top of them. If the receiver needs a little extra help to get into this position, they can use a pillow or two to raise their hips up and make it easier for the giver to reach in and start fucking. This is also a very comfy position to lay in for a long time and provides ample opportunity to explore the anal area.

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It’s important to understand that while rolls of fat might hinder flexibility in some sexual positions, this is not a universal experience. Many fat people have no problems with these kinds of positions, and they are often as orgasmic as any other kind of sex.

This is one of the best sex positions for overweight women, because it allows them to stimulate themselves during penetration. To do this, a woman lies on her back with their legs spread and puts their penis between her legs. Adding a vibrator to this position will make it even more intense and satisfying.

Another way to do this is with the’sideways crunched turtle’ position. This is similar to doggy style, but it’s a little more accomodating for those who have issues with the angle of penetration. It’s also a great way to hit the nipples, which can feel amazing for overweight people.

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When fucking a fat person, it’s important to leave all stereotypes at the door. Using a range of different sex positions is the best way to see what works for them. Some people have long, skinny dicks while others have big, meaty ones. And that’s okay!


It seems that many people have the misconception that sex with a fat person is different. That could be due to the stereotypes that are associated with being overweight. The fact of the matter is that sex can be just as enjoyable with a fat partner as it is with a skinny one. However, there are some sex positions that are better for plus-size people.

The Cowgirl is a variation of the woman-on-top position. In this position, the receptive partner lies down while the giving partner kneels or squats and faces her back. This position can be a good choice for people with bigger bellies, as the abdominal muscles are less likely to come into contact. The Cowgirl is also a great option for oral sex, as it allows the partners to explore each other’s clitorises with ease.

While some people may feel self conscious about their bodies in the bedroom, it’s important to remember that sex is meant to be pleasurable. If you’re feeling uncomfortable during sex, talk to your partner about it. If they can’t help you find a position that makes you happy, then it may be time to look for another partner. As always, be sure to discuss consent, protection, and birth control before jumping into bed.

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Traditional Missionary

Despite its name, this position is so-called not because missionaries used it with the “lesser races” they preached to, but because it seemed to embody two key aspects of nineteenth century middle-class ideas about sexual relationships. First, it was thought to be more ‘civilised’ than other sex positions because it was face-to-face, and second, because it put the man on top.

Just like Doggie-Style, this position involves the receiver getting on their hands and knees and the giver kneeling behind them to enter. For some plus-size receivers, elevating their hips with a pillow or two makes it easier for the giver to get into their tummy flesh and anus.

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