Why Wont My Penis Stay Hard?

Erectile dysfunction visits almost every man at some point in his life. It typically occurs as men get older but can happen at any age.

When a person becomes sexually aroused, the brain sends signals to muscles around the arteries in the penis, telling them to relax and widen so more blood can enter. This engorges the penis and stiffens it for sexual activity.

1. Lack of Blood Flow

When you don’t have good blood flow to your penis, it’s hard for them to stay erect. This happens most often when you are under stress, especially if the stress is chronic or from a long-term illness. When you are stressed, your body sends blood away from the penis to other areas of your body for that “fight or flight” response that is an evolutionary advantage.

To get an erection, neurotransmitters in your brain tell the two small corpora cavernosal arteries to dilate and fill with blood. When the erection goes down, blood flows back to the rest of the body and your penis become soft again. (1). Taking certain medications can also cause this problem. Talk to your doctor about what you are taking and if it is affecting your sexual response.

2. Nervous System Issues

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of health issues and medications. It is important to discuss erection problems with your doctor to determine the best course of action.

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An erection starts in the brain and is triggered by sensory and emotional stimulation. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to release chemicals that cause blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa (two spongy cylinders of tissue that make up the majority of your penis) to dilate, allowing more blood to flow into the erectile tissues and making them rigid. Drinking can interfere with this process and also affects erection duration. It is also important to address psychological barriers to sexual responsiveness, like performance anxiety and low self-esteem. These can be addressed with sex counselling or therapy.

3. High Blood Pressure

When you are sexually aroused, the brain releases neurotransmitters that tell blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa (the two spongy cylinders of tissue that form your penis) to dilate. As blood rushes in, the penis becomes rigid, creating an erection. The erection then softens after you ejaculate.

High blood pressure can damage the arteries that lead to your penis and prevent proper blood flow, which is necessary for an erection. Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes can help lower your blood pressure and improve your erections.

Long-term health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol can also cause your erections to become weaker or disappear. Your doctor can discuss your options for improving your erections and suggest medication to address any underlying medical issues.

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5. Cock Rings

Cock rings are slipped around the base of the penis to restrict circulation and enhance the rigidity of an erection. They come in a wide variety of materials, flexibility and complexity (with some including bonus attachments for added pleasure), and you can find them at sex toy stores or online.

If you’re new to cock rings, consider starting with a stretchy variety – these are inexpensive and easy to find at sex toy stores, and they can often be stretched to fit different sizes. Regardless of the material, a cock ring should feel comfortably tight without being painful or restrictive. Pain or numbness is a sign that it’s too tight.

Cock rings can be used to boost pleasure in a variety of situations, from penetrative sex to masturbation, handjobs and foreplay. However, it’s important to remove them after thirty minutes at a time to allow blood flow to normalize.

6. Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, also called cock rings, are a great tool for those who struggle with size insecurities or who have difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. These sex toys are filled with air and, when operated as instructed, can remove enough air to create a suction that engorges the penis with blood and increases sensitivity.

When purchasing a pump, look for one that is FDA-approved and clearly states that it’s intended to help achieve and maintain an erection. It’s also important to get the correct-size cylinder, as a too-small or too-large ring can cause pain and be ineffective. Some pumps ship in discreet packages, which is perfect for those who want to keep things private. Some are even rechargeable and have multiple “sucking modes.” Several pumps are available through Lovehoney, which offers a more affordable option for those who want to try it out without spending a fortune.

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7. Pornography

Pornography is sexually explicit material in the form of books, pictures, statues, or films. It is intended to stimulate sexual excitement in adults. This material is illegal in many countries. It is sometimes called erotica or kinky media.

Those who advocate a legal ban on pornography usually argue that a definition based on sexual explicitness is insufficient to distinguish between types of materials that should be subject to restrictions and those that do not. One way to address this problem is to define “pornography” in a more value-laden sense that would include, for example, material that depicts women as men’s sexual subordinates and endorses their subordination (Dworkin and MacKinnon 1984).

However, defining pornography in this way could have serious consequences, including the possibility of false agreement.

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