Is it Safe to Have Sex at 35 Weeks Pregnant?

If you and your partner are able to find a comfortable sexual position at 35 weeks pregnant, it is a great way to connect emotionally and physically. However, it’s important to remember that abstinence is also an option if it feels right for you.

Oral sex is a great alternative and mutual masturbation can feel very satisfying. Just make sure to use a good quality lubricant.

Physical Changes

The third trimester of pregnancy typically brings a decrease in libido and fatigue, which can be a big obstacle for couples trying to have sex. Many women also experience vaginal dryness during this time, which can make sex less enjoyable. However, as long as you have the all-clear from your doctor and are not at risk of preterm labor, sex during pregnancy can be both safe and rewarding.

Some pregnant women may find that sex becomes more pleasurable during this period, due to the extra lubrication and increased blood flow to the vulva. Other women may experience a lack of desire, which is completely normal and can be attributed to hormonal changes or physical discomfort. If this happens, it’s important to communicate with your partner about the issue and find other ways to connect with each other.

There are many sexual positions that can be used during sex at 35 weeks pregnant, including spooning, which allows your partner to penetrate you from behind and prevents pressure on your abdomen or legs. In addition, some women find that having sex during the third trimester can help bring on labor by encouraging the release of oxytocin. Nevertheless, it is crucial to use proper barrier contraception (such as condoms or dental dams) whenever engaging in sexual activity with a partner, regardless of how many months into the pregnancy you are.

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At this point in pregnancy, pain is not uncommon during sex because of the way your body has changed. The pregnancy hormone relaxin, for example, has stretched pelvic ligaments and widened your cervix and can cause some discomfort. But this type of discomfort typically resolves a few weeks after your baby is born.

A swollen vagina is also common during this stage, thanks to the increased blood flow needed to support the uterus and the growing fetus. The swollen tissues can make penetration uncomfortable or painful, and they might also feel tight around your penis. The swollen tissue can also increase your risk of urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, so it’s important to use lots of lubrication and talk to your partner about what feels comfortable.

Experimenting with different positions and non-penetrative sexual activities may help ease discomfort. You can try lying on your side, with your partner behind you; on your back, with your partner kneeling at the waist or frog-legged; or on your hands and knees with your partner standing behind you. You can also use pillows for support. Practicing safe sex and using a condom can also help prevent STIs, reduce your risk of preterm labor and improve your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. If you experience severe pain or bleeding, however, stop sex immediately and call your doctor.

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At this point in the pregnancy, sex may feel less enjoyable because of the physical discomfort that comes with being pregnant. But it’s important to communicate with your partner about what does and doesn’t feel good, and experiment with different positions until you find the one that feels right for both of you.

It’s also important to remember that sex is about intimacy, not just a sexual experience. While you may be less interested in sex at 35 weeks pregnant, it’s a great way to stay close to your partner during this exciting time of your lives. If you’re having trouble staying intimate, try doing other things together like cuddling or kissing.

If you do want to continue having sex, your health care professional will advise you on any precautions you should take and when it’s safe to have sex until the baby is born. However, unless you have specific medical complications, it’s perfectly normal to enjoy sex during the final trimester. If your baby is breech, it’s recommended that you don’t have back-to-back sexual sessions as this increases the risk of the womb compressing blood vessels that return blood to the heart. Instead, try side-lying or rear entry positions that will put less pressure on the cervix and uterus. It’s also a great idea to use additional pillows or support when trying these positions.


It’s safe to have sex at 35 weeks pregnant, and most people find it more enjoyable than in earlier trimesters. But you should always ask for the green light from your ob-gyn, especially if you have had complications in the past or are at a higher risk of having problems during this pregnancy.

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In general, sex at this stage is safer than in early pregnancy because your cervix is no longer in the beginning stages of dilation and is more protected by muscles of your uterus, amniotic fluid and a mucus plug that develops around the cervix during the third trimester. The risk of a miscarriage is also lower because the fetus isn’t as deep in the womb as it is in earlier trimesters.

Some women may experience a decrease in libido during late pregnancy because of physical discomfort and hormonal changes, but they should still try to make love if it feels right. However, it’s important for both partners to communicate well about what feels good to them. They should also experiment with new positions. Having your partner move their leg over your belly for example is not only fun but can help increase intimacy as it creates a different angle of entry into the vagina.

It’s also important to practice safe sex by using a condom, as you should during all sexual activities. An untreated sexually transmitted disease (STD) can harm your baby, as can any bleeding in the vagina.

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