How Much Does a Penis Cost?

Penis enlargement surgery, known as phalloplasty, makes your penis longer and thicker. It can also enhance orgasms and boost sexual satisfaction.

The cost of a penis enhancement procedure can vary greatly. There are numerous expenses to consider, including pre-surgery exams and supplies. The surgeon’s office and professional fees are among the most prominent costs.


Phalloplasty is a surgically constructed penis, often done as gender affirming surgery for transgender men (Papdopulos, 2021). It’s a lengthy process that requires three or more stages. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of reconstruction. However, most phalloplasty patients say that it was worth the price because of how much they’ve improved their quality of life.

The first stage of phalloplasty involves constructing the penis using skin and tissue from the donor site. The forearm is the most common donor site, but other areas are possible as well. To prepare for this, the surgeon will likely perform permanent laser hair removal or electrolysis on the arm or other area of the body. Additionally, the patient should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least three months prior to surgery.

During the surgery, doctors create a tube-within-a-tube structure that includes both the urethra and shaft of the penis. They will also construct a glans and scrotum, as needed. If you want to have erotic sensation, the doctor will need to add an erectile implant as well.

The second stage of phalloplasty typically occurs six to 12 months after the first, and it may include lengthening the urethra and constructing the scrotum. It’s important to discuss the function of your new penis with your surgeon. If you want to urinate out of the tip, for example, the surgeon will focus on creating a urethral connection that’s fully innervated.

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Penis Implants

Penile implants are a permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction. The procedure is a medical necessity, which means that health insurance will cover most of the costs of the surgery. Many private health insurers and Medicare offer coverage for this erectile restoration procedure. Some implant manufacturers also offer co-pay assistance programs to help eligible patients pay for their treatment.

During a penis implant surgery, doctors will construct the new penis by stretching your tissue or using an artificial sheath made of silicone. The sheath will be inserted through an incision above your penis, or they may cut the suspensory ligament that attaches your penis to your pubic bone. The doctor will also shape the sheath to fit your penis and body.

You can choose from three different types of inflatable implants: two-piece, two-rod and a positionable design. The pumps in the two-piece and two-rod designs are located in the abdomen, while the reservoirs for the fluid in the positionable design are placed under the skin in your scrotum.

Non-surgical penis enhancement surgery involves injections of dermal filler or fat into your penis to add volume. These procedures are quick and typically only take 30-60 minutes to complete. They can be performed on the same day as a consultation for penis augmentation surgery and may be covered by your health insurance.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Penis enhancement surgery includes surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to increase penile girth and length. Surgical options include ligament transection and fat transfer. Non-surgical options include dermal filler injections. Both types of procedure are available worldwide and cost can vary significantly by country, surgeon, and type of treatment.

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For those with erectile dysfunction, a penis implant may help restore erectile function. A number of insurance providers cover this treatment as a medical necessity when other treatments like Viagra, Cialis, Vardenafil and Stendra fail to treat ED.

During a phalloplasty, your surgeon creates an incision below the head of the penis. They then dilate the corpora cavernosa and insert an implant, either a cylinder or rod. The procedure is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. You can expect to stay in the hospital for one night.

The cost of a penis implant depends on what kind of implant is used and what type of phalloplasty is done. The total price of the surgery will include surgeon and anesthesia fees as well as the cost of the implants.

Using a dermal filler to enlarge the penis is typically less expensive than surgical procedures. However, the results will not last as long and reversing the effects of a filler requires additional treatments or removal altogether. In addition, it’s important to remember that the penis is an organ that expands and contracts during recovery. During this time there could be some material shifting which can result in unevenness or asymmetries.

Penis Injections

A man who isn’t ready to undergo surgery for a larger penis can opt for self-injections. CaverjectTM and EdexTM are FDA-approved medications that produce an erection through a simple injection of alprostadil into the side of the penis. The medication dilates the arteries and allows blood to flow in. The resulting erection can last an hour or more and may lead to orgasm. The injections must be performed before sexual activity to ensure that the erection lasts until it is time for sexual intercourse.

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Another injectable option, known as the P-shot or Priapus-shot, involves using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The treatment is derived from a sample of your own blood that has been processed to separate out the PRP serum. The PRP contains over 28 growth factors that rejuvenate older cells, stimulate nerve growth and increase blood flow to the penis. Many men report a heightened girth and length of their penis after PRP injections.

To perform the injections, your APP will first show you how to use the injector, which is a device that holds the needle and depresses it for you. You’ll need to learn how to grasp your penis properly for the injections to work. For example, it’s easier to inject if the head of the penis (glans) is fully stretched out, because that thins the skin and makes it easy to reach the corpora cavernosa with the needle. You’ll also need to change injection sites from left to right and up and down the penis so that you don’t develop scar tissue at one particular site.

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