How Long Can You Keep a Condom in Your Wallet?

A condom in a wallet can be damaged by friction and repeated opening. This can cause the condom to rip or break.

Instead, try storing them in the following places:

1. Don’t Keep Them in Your Wallet

There’s a cliche that men stick their condoms in their back pocket or wallet so they’ll always have one on hand when sex calls. But the truth is, a wallet isn’t a good place to store condoms. Condoms in your wallet can get ruined by friction from being squished between cards and cash, and they can also be damaged by sharp objects in your pockets, like keys. Besides, there are better places to keep your condoms, such as in a discreet condom-carrying tin.

Keeping your condoms in a purse or wallet can also make them warmer, which can cause them to lose their elasticity and become less effective at protecting you from pregnancy and STIs. Over time, this deterioration can also leave microscopic holes and tears in the condom that may not be immediately visible.

The best way to protect your condoms is to store them in a cool, dry place that’s out of the way of other people’s eyes, like a tin, a coin pouch, or an empty mint tin. That way, you’ll be less likely to forget them, and they’ll stay fresh longer for safe use. Of course, if you do forget your condoms, it’s important to check the expiry date and replace them right away. This will help you avoid pregnancy and STIs.

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2. Don’t Keep Them in Your Pocket

You have probably seen it in a film or TV show where sex is about to happen and the guy grabs his trusty condom from his wallet. This is a bit of a cliche, but it’s important to remember that your wallet and pocket are not the best places to store a condom.

This is because they are often exposed to extreme temperatures and other conditions that can affect their effectiveness. Extreme heat can cause latex to become sticky or weak, while cold temperatures can make it dry and brittle. In addition, keeping a condom in your pocket can also result in it getting bent or squashed, which can cause it to break.

A better place to store a condom is in your bedroom, where it will be out of sight but easy to access when you need it. You can keep a condom in a drawer or a cabinet, away from anything that could damage it. You may also want to consider buying an old-fashioned flat cigarette case and using it to store a few condoms in your home.

You can find these in vintage stores or online, and they are a great way to keep your condoms hidden and easily accessible. Another good option is to hollow out an old book and use it to store a couple of condoms. Just be sure to choose a book that is not interesting so that it doesn’t draw attention when you are hiding something in it!

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3. Don’t Keep Them in Your Car

Condoms are best stored in a cool, dry place where they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. This means a drawer in your home is ideal but many people are creative when it comes to concealing their spares and may choose to store them in their handbag or even their wallet.

Despite the fact that they are safe for you to carry in your wallet or pocket, a condom stored this way will likely lose its effectiveness over time. This is because they are next to your body, absorbing the heat you produce and then when you get up, sit down or move them around on a daily basis, they’re squished up against other items which can cause damage.

In addition, the temperature in your car can be quite extreme and this can also degrade the condoms. This is because the temperature inside your car can change rapidly – especially if you’re running a heater or using the air conditioner.

In conclusion, it is important to keep your spare condoms in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A drawer in your home is ideal but a bedside table is another good option if you’re not comfortable carrying them with you. Alternatively, you could keep them in your purse or handbag (just make sure it’s a hard-sided case that will not easily break) or in an old tin can or silk bag.

4. Don’t Keep Them in Your Bathroom

We’ve all seen that cliche where the man sticks a couple of condoms in his wallet or back pocket before going out on the town. This is a bad idea. Wallets and pockets are hot environments that can cause latex condoms to lose their elasticity. They can also break from the friction of being stuffed with other items, such as cash and cards. This can leave a tiny hole in the condom that makes it less safe for sex.

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The bathroom is another moist, warm environment that’s not a good place to store a condom. It can lead to the rubber breaking down prematurely or clogging up your toilet. Putting a condom in your sink is even worse, as it can get wet and ruin the texture of the rubber.

The best place to keep a condom is in a cool, dry place that’s out of the way. A bedside table is perfect, or you can stash them in a hidden spot in your home, like a kitchen drawer or medicine cabinet. Some people have even taken to storing them in old Altoids tins or gum packs that shut tight, or an unused glass mint case (they come in a variety of colors so they’re hard to spot). A hollowed-out book works well too – you can find faux books and books with holes in them online or at some home goods stores.

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